Meet Our Yoga Instructors


Born and raised in Manado City, North Sulawesi, Indonesia, Raldo was introduced to Yoga in 2014 by working at a wellness center called Spa Village Resort Tembok in North Bali.

Raldo found yoga as a deep practice to appreciate and love his body. And so 2 years later, he spent 6 months in a yoga retreat center called Shanti Toya Ashram, where he completed his Yoga Teacher Training (300hr) with Gokul Yoga in  January 2017 and then went for his seccond training (200hr) with Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training Center India November 2018.

He became a resident teacher at a lovely local studio called Yoga Saraswati and Amandari Resort. He’s also teaching public classes and private classes for several resorts around Ubud such as Alaya Resort Jembawan, Warwick Ibah, Bisma Eight, and Gaia Retreat Center.


Begin practicing yoga since 2015 in Jakarta and found yoga as a healing and meditating activity. Through yoga, I find a way to really spend time and share something to people and community. So, in 2016, moved to Bali to continue and deepen yoga until now.

Sasya’s quotes: “Yoga is for everyone, not limited to certain people, gender, status, body type, or so on. Yoga is unity. Unity between us and universe, us and people, the most important us and ourself. It’s about us really understanding ourself and listening to our body and mind.”

Cok Anggreni

Cok is a registered two hundred hour yoga teacher with flame school of yoga and healing arts in October 30th, 2006 and she started teaching Yoga since 2007 until now.

I Wayan Wahyuda (Yudha)

Yudha is a two hundred hour registered yoga teacher at flame school of yoga and healing arts in October 2006, then he continues to bring the light of yoga by teaching at several studios in Bali.

“In my class I will teach you how to synchronise your breathing , asana and mind”

Yudha’s quotes: I am practice to learn and learn to teach and teach to share.

Krisna (K.C)

Krisna started his yoga journey in 2005 to recover from sport injuries. After living abroad for half his age, he quit his job in Ecuador and continues his path to deepen the knowledge and practice of Yoga at Rishikesh Yog Peeth and Samatva Yogalaya in Rishikesh, India.

Upon returning to Bali, Krisna has been teaching at few Retreat Centres, resorts and some Studios in Ubud. He emphasizes his classes with the mix of balance, mindfulness of the breath and proper alignment of the asana as a harmony. Krisna is a 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500) with Yoga Alliance and currently live in Ubud.

Krisna’s one of favourite quote: Flexibility isn’t just about opening up the body, it’s also about opening up the mind to accept what is happening in the moment -Daniel Scott-


Indra’s attitude is simple; that to reach depth, one does not have to travel far. We already have all the solutions and improvements we seek, but we overlook them because we make ourselves believe that they have to be beyond our reach. Indra’s Yoga poses do not challenge one’s limit – they invite one to explore one’s self. In his classes, you do less but get more results.

Ni Wayan Pebrianti (Pebi)

Pebi’s started practicing yoga when she was 17 years old. She’s been practicing every morning, when the sun comes up and in the evening when the sun goes down, she loves the sunrise and sunset time to do yoga or just to sit for meditate . She feels the beautiful energy and supports by the nature and universe. Pebi offers her gratitude moments when sharing practice with all the students. She began to teach after completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training with Sacred Heart in Ubud.

I offer my love and gratitude with practicing yoga, – Pebi –


Dayu Mahadewi

Dayu is a graduate of the 200 hours YPTT from Bali. She started doing yoga 10 years ago.

In 2017 she decided to become a certified yoga teacher.
Dayu continued her career working at various upscale retreat centers and Yoga Saraswati studio. She found her passion in teaching yoga and cooking healthy food in her restaurants in Ubud.

For her, intensive yoga practice can do more to your physical, mental and emotional well- being.

Tony Lu

As an-Eryt500h Yoga Alliance registered teacher Thony Lu started teaching yoga in bali since 2013, soon after his first completion of his first Hatha yoga TTC 200h.

And for the past few years,he decided to visit India and deepen in Hatha and Ashtanga practice for 5 months in 5 different schools in mysore on his first trip include Ashtanga TTC500H ,and some Hatha and Ashtanga training from another schools &master, and visited India again on the next 4 trips to deepen the ashtanga practice at KPJAYI and attended International Yoga Festival in India, after more over one year of his Yoga Journey in India,he continued to teach his yoga passion in bali and work in some yoga shala around ubud, and yet he always wanna continue his study in mysore for the next trip.

Wira Arimbawa

Begin to teach yoga after finished the international certification from lotus in the flame, school of yoga and healing arts on october, 2006. I teach vinyasa yoga at The Royal Pitamaha Resort and Spa from october, 2006 until march, 2017 than continue at Wapa Di Uma Resort and Spa from april, 2017 until present.

I am practice to learn and learn to teach and teach to share. Yoga is the healing journey to the inner self rather than only the asanas, also yoga mean the unite of body, mind, and breath. In my class i will guide you how to synchronizing your breath, asana and mind, so you can feel full awake always. Fell the energy of breath to the every asanas you do.

My class is fun yet challenging, energizing your body, after my class you will feel more light, fresh and feel recharge with the fresh energy so you will be ready to do your next activities.

So can be say “yoga is wisdom work or skillful living amongst activities, harmony and moderation.

Come and experience of healing power of yoga,
This power arroused by means of various practice than clear the paths and centre of energy in the body